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Current affairs of march 2020

The selected current affairs for the month of March, 2020 has been stated here:

To download these questions in pdf click the link given at the end of these questions

1.       Which Indian State has Banned All form of Strikes in Schools and Colleges?
a.       Tamil Nadu
b.      Kerala
c.       Gujarat
d.      Haryana
2.       Who has been Appointed as the India’s Next Ambassador to Turkey?
a.       Sanjay Kumar
b.      Jawed Ashraf
c.       Abhishek Singh
d.      Taranjit Singh Sindhu
3.       Which Country has become the First Country in World to Make all Public Transport Free?
a.       Scotland
b.      Luxembourg
c.       Finland
d.      Egypt
4.       Recently, the Indian Navy the postponed which of the Following Exercise due to Novel Corona virus?
a.       MILAN-2020
b.      SLINEX-2020
c.       SIMBEX-2020
d.      SAMPRITI-2020
5.       Who has been Appointed as the Advisor to CM of Andhrapradesh YS Jagan Mohan Reddy?
a.       RR Bhatnagar
b.      Subash Chandra Garg
c.       Bishwabushan Harichandhan
d.      None of these
6.       All India Police Athletic Championship 2020 Commenced in Which Indian State?
a.       Gujarat
b.      Odisha
c.       Haryana
d.      Assam
7.       Which Indian State announced Gairsain to be Its Summer Capital?
a.       Uttarakhand
b.      Jammu and Kashmir
c.       Gujarat
d.      Haryana
8.       Recently, the Book ‘Chronicles of Change Champions’ was released by ?
a.       Narendra Modi
b.      Smriti Irani
c.       Piyush Goel
d.      Ramnath Kovind
9.       Recently who among the following RBI Deputy Governnor Resigns Before Retirement?
a.       Viral Acharya
b.      N S Vishwathan
c.       BP Kanungao
d.      Shakti Kant Das
10.   Benjamin Netanyahu has been Re-Elected as the PM of Which Country?
a.       Malaysia
b.      Israel
c.       UK
d.      Srilanka
11.   Who has been Appointed as the New Brand Ambassador of PUMA?
a.       Kereena kapoor
b.      Katrina Kaif
c.       Alia Bhat
d.      Sunakashi Sinha
12.   Who has become the new PM of Slovenia?
a.       Janez Jansa
b.      Marjan Sarec
c.       Muhiyiddin Yassin
d.      Scott Morison
13.   Which City of Rajasthan has been Declared as ‘No Construction Zone’?
a.       Jodhpur
b.      Bikaner
c.       Jaipur
d.      Kota
14.   Who has been Appointed as the New Chief Information Commissioner in India?
a.       Bimal Julka
b.      Sudhir Bhargava
c.       Jadav Payeng
d.      None of these
15.   Who has become the First Player to Play 500 T20?
a.       Ross Taylor
b.      Virat Kohli
c.       Kieron Pollard
d.      Haider Knight
16.   The 21ist Edition of IIFA Awards has been postponed due to Noval Coronavirus, it was scheduled in Which Indian State?
a.       Gujarat
b.      Madhya Pradesh
c.       Haryana
d.      Assam
17.   Who has been Named as the New Director of World Intellectual Property Organization?
a.       Darren Tang
b.      Francis Gurry
c.       Antonio Gutteres
d.      None of these
18.   Which Indian State Topped in Poshan Abhiyan’s Programme (Participants List)  for Improving the Nutritional Status of Indian Citizens?
a.       Kerala
b.      Tamil Nadu
c.       Telengana
d.      Haryana
19.   Who has  been Honoured with International Women of Courage Award 2020?
a.       Jalila Haider
b.      Aisha Mughal
c.       Suman Kumari
d.      Jeena Akar
20.   Who Has been Re- Appointed as the MD and CEO of SBI Life Insurance ?
a.       Sanjeev Nautiyal
b.      Challa Sreenivasulu
c.       Rajnish Kumar
d.      Sumant Kathapalia
21.   Which of the following Airport has been Renamed as Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj Airport?
a.       Jammu Airport
b.      Aurangabad Airport
c.       Delhi Airport
d.      None of these
22.   Recently, Hans Raj Bhardwaj Passed Away. He was Related to Which Field?
a.       Literature
b.      Politics
c.       Bollywood
d.      Economics
23.   Ashraf Ghani was Sworn in for the Second Term President of Which Country?
a.       Iran
b.      Afghanistan
c.       Pakistan
d.      Iraq
  1. 24.   Where was the Final Exercise of the National Level Search and Rescue Exercise ( SAREX-2020) Conducted by the Indian Coast guard in March 2020?

a.         Andhra Pradesh 
b.      Goa 
c.       Karnataka
d.       Gujarat
25.   Which Indian State has Become the First to Introduce Department for SHGs: ‘ Mission Shakti’?
a.       Gujarat
b.      Assam
c.       Madhya Pradesh
d.      Odisha
26.   Who has Become the First Women to be Appointed as the Indian Coast Guard DIG?
a.       Nupur Kulshrestha
b.      K Natrajan
c.       Jalila Haider
d.      SK Saini
27.   Who has been Appointed as the new Head of Communication for Facebook India?
a.       Bipasha Chakraborty
b.      Sonia Yadav
c.       Sunita Singh
d.      None of these
28.   Which Indian State ranks 1st in Domestic Solar Rooftop Installations in India?
a.       New Delhi
b.      Haryana
c.       Gujarat
d.      Kerala
29.   Recently, which Indian University Launches Its Own Community Radio Station ‘RADIO KHANCHI 90.4’?
a.       Jammu University
b.      Delhi University
c.       University of Ranchi
d.      Punjab University
30.   What is the Rank of india in Inclusive Internet Index 2020?
a.       36
b.      46
c.       56
d.      66
31.   Who has Won the Inaugural Edition of BBC Indian Sportswomen of the Year for 2019?
a.       PV Sindhu
b.      Poonam Yadav
c.       PT USHA
d.      None of these
32.   Recently, PhonePE Inks partnership With ICICI Bank for UPI Transactions. Who is the CEO OF PhonePE?
a.       Sameer Nigam
b.      Sandeep Bakshi
c.       Aditya puri
d.      None of these
33.    Which nation’s Health Minister has been tested positive for COVID-19 virus?
a.       Italy
b.      South Korea
c.       UK
d.      France
34.   Who has been Appointed as the Brand Ambassador of Anti Corruption Department of Andhra Pradesh?
a.       Mary Kom
b.      PV Sindhu
c.       Dutte Chand
d.      Hima Das
35.   Recently, Who has been Named as the World Greatest Leader in BBC Pool ?
a.       Maharaja Ranjit Singh
b.      Amilcar Cabral
c.       Maharaja Hari Singh
d.      None of these
36.   Who has Become the Brand Ambassador of IDFC First Bank?
a.       Kareena Kapoor
b.      Amitabh Bachan
c.       PV Sindhu
d.      PT Usha
37.   Which Indian State/UT Will Host the International Day of Yoga Event 2020 ?
a.       Jammu and Kashmir
b.      Ladakh(Leh)
c.       Delhi
d.      Gujarat
38.   Which Indian State has Launched ‘Nameste
Over Handshake’ Campaign to prevent from COVID-19?
a.       Gujarat
b.      Karnataka
c.       Assam
d.      Madhya Pradesh
39.   Which Indian city is Hosting “ Wings India 2020” ?
a.       Mumbai
b.      Pune
c.       Hyderabad
d.      Ranchi
40.   Who among the following will be inducted in World Golf Hall of Fame as the first member of the Class of 2021?
a.       Justin Thomas
b.      Paul Casey
c.       Gary Woodland
d.      Tiger Woods
41.   Which player, known as Tendulkar of domestic cricket, recently announced his retirement from all formats of cricket?
a.       Ajit Rahane
b.      Wasim Jaffer
c.       Subodh Kant
d.      Amresh Sahay
42.   Recently, Which Indian Bank has Removed all the Minimum Balance Charges on All Saving Banks?
a.       SBI
b.      Yes Bank
c.       Punjab National Bank
d.      Jammu and Kashmir Bank
43.   What is the Rank of India in Global Animal Protection Index 2020?
a.       First
b.      Second
c.       Third
d.      Fourth
44.   Facebook has Launched Which initiative to Boost Women Entrepreneurship In India?
a.       Pragati
b.      ‘Suraksha’
c.       ‘Saakhi’
d.      ‘Samman’
45.   Recently, Center nominates ____ as the Director Central Board of RBI?
a.       Debashish Panda
b.      NS Vishanathan
c.       Viral Acharya
d.      BP Kanungo
46.   In which Indian City, the India post launched India’s 1st digital parcel locker service?
a.       Chennai
b.      Mumbai
c.       Kolkata
d.      Bhopal
47.   Actor Santu Mukhopadhyay who died recently (March 2020) belongs to which Indian state?
a.       Haryana
b.      West Bengal
c.       Gujarat
d.      Odisha
48.   Who has been Sworn in as the First Women President of Greece?
a.       Katrina Sakellarpaulo
b.      Sanna Marin
c.       Jeena Akar
d.      Aisha Mughal
49.   The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced COVID-19 as ________ disease ?
a.       Genetic 
b.      Epidemic 
c.        Endemic
d.       Pandemic
50.   Which Country has Declared National Emergency due to Covid-2019?
a.       India
b.      US
c.       China
d.      Italy
51.   Who has been Appointed as the New MD &  CEO of Yes Bank?
a.       Prashant Kumar
b.      Sunil Mehta
c.       Sumant Kathpalia
d.      Aditya Puri
52.   Which Indian City Topped in Smart City Ranking Report?
a.       Indore
b.      Bhopal
c.       Agra
d.      Kanpur
53.   In Which indian State, “Phool Dei” Festival has been Celebrated ?
a.       Tripura
b.      Uttarakhand
c.       Jharkhand
d.      Manipur
54.   Which Country has been Declared as World’s First Dark Sky Nation?
a.       Niue
b.      Chile
c.       Gambia
d.      Algeria
55.   . Who has been Conferred with Chameli Devi Jain Award  for Outstanding Women Journalism?
a.       Arfa Khan
b.      Rohini Mohan
c.       Aisha Mughal
d.      Jalila Haider
e.       Both  A & B
56.   Which Country has become the First Country to Suspend All the Financial Markets, a Response that is taken to the Coronavirus Pandemic?
a.       China
b.      Philippines
c.       Norway
d.      India
57.   Who has become the new Chief Electoral Officer of Jammu and Kashmir?
a.       Hirdesh Kumar
b.      Bimal Julka
c.       Sunil Arora
d.      Prashant Kumar
58.   The Centre will Soon Restore the Statehood of Which Union Territory?
a.       Ladakh
b.      Jammu and Kashmir
c.       Pondicherry
d.      Daman and Dui
59.   Who has Written the book ‘Messiah Modi : A tale of Great Expectations’ ?
a.       Tavleen Singh
b.      Bhawna Dehariya
c.       WV Raman
d.      Ravneet Gil
60.   Who has been Appointed as the CMD of Power Finance Corporation ?
a.       Ravinder Singh Dhillon
b.      Arfa Khan
c.       Rohini Mohan
d.      Hirdesh Kumar
61.   Recently, Who granted permanent commission for women in the Indian Navy?
a.       President 
b.       Supreme Court
c.        Parliament 
d.       Delhi HC
62.   Which nation has initiated the first human trial to evaluate vaccine against COVID-19?
a.       UK
b.       France
c.        Israel
d.       US
63.   Who has been Appointed as the India’s Next Ambassador to Uganda?
a.        Ajay Kumar
b.      Ajay Bisaria
c.       Gopal Baglay
d.      Taranjit Singh Sindhu
64.   Who is the Author of the Book’ Invincible- A Tribute to Manohar Parrikar ?
a.       Tarun Vijay
b.      Sadguru Patil
c.       Maya BushanNagvenkar
d.      Ravinder Singh Dhillon
65.   Who has Become new MD of Google Cloud India?
a.       Karan Bajwa
b.      Radha Krishan Mathur
c.       RR Bhatnagar
d.      SS Deshwal
66.   Which Indian State launched ‘Break the Chain’ Campaign to Combat Coronavirus?
a.       Tamil Nadu
b.      Kerala
c.       Rajasthan
d.      Jammu & Kashmir
67.   Name the Indian state which passed the ‘‘Recovery of Damage to Public Properties Ordinance 2020‘to recover the losses due to damage during violent protests?
a.       Jammu & Kashmir
b.      Uttar Pradesh
c.       Assam
d.      New Delhi
68.   Adnan al-Zurfi has been appointed as the Prime Minister of which of the following country?

1) Kuwait
2) Iraq
3) Qatar
4) Iran
69.   Which Organization has Started #SafehandChallenge?
a.       UN
b.      RBI
c.       WHO
d.      UNICEF
70.   Which Indian State Government has removed reservation in Promotion for SC/ST Employees?
a.       Gujarat
b.      Assam
c.       Uttarakhand
d.      Madhya Pradesh
71.   What is the Rank of India in World Happiness Report 2020?
a.       122
b.      133
c.       144
d.      155
72.   which  Indian State has announced to call ‘Sanitary Personal’ in the state to be called as ‘Cleanliness Workers’?
a.       Kerala
b.      Tamil Nadu
c.       Gujarat
d.      Karnataka
73.   Name the Indian state which has released fund allocation of Rs. 2.5 Crore for MOTHER initiative ?
a.       Assam
b.      Meghalaya
c.       Gujarat
d.      Manipur
74.   Recently, Which Indian Empires were included in the ICC International Panel of Cricket?
a.       Vrinda Rathi
b.      Janani Naryanan
c.       Saomaya Yadav
d.      Both A and B
75.   Which of the following Airline has been Award with Swacchta Bharat Award ?
a.       Air India
b.      Go Air
c.       Spice Jet
d.      Kingfisher
76.   Who among the following has been Appointed as the CEO for the India operations of Salesforce, USA?
a.       Rajnish Kumar
b.      Arundhati Bhattacharya
c.       Prashant Kumar
d.      Debashish Panda
77.   Which of the  following Insurance company has announced COVID-19’ Protection Cover ?
a.       Bharti Axa
b.      ICICI Lombard
c.       LIC
d.      Star Health
78.   Which of the following Country has Suspended all their professional Cricketers till 28 May 2020?
a.       Pakistan
b.      Srilanka
c.       England
d.      Afghanistan
79.   Recently, PM Modi announced the formation of COVID-19 Economic Response Task Force, Who will lead this Task Force?
a.       Rajnath Singh
b.      Harshvardhan Singh
c.       Piyush Goel
d.      Nirmala Sitharaman
80.   Who has been Sworn in as the New (32th)Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh?
a.       Kamal Nath
b.      Shivraj Singh Chauhan
c.       Lal Ji Tandon
d.      Hemant Soren
81.    Who has been Nominated for Abel Prize 2020?
a.       Gregory Margulis
b.      Hellel Furstenburg
c.       Karen Uhlenbeck
d.      Robert Langlands
e.       Both A and B
82.   Which Indian State has become the First to impose Curfew due to Novel Coronavirus?
a.       Maharashtra
b.      Punjab
c.       Jammu and Kashmir
d.      Uttar Pradesh
83.   Which Indian Actress will work with WHO to aware people about Covid-19?
a.       Katrina Kaif
b.      Priyanaka Chopra
c.       Neha Dupia
d.      Kareena Kapoor
84.   Which Indian State has become the First to Introduce the Taser Guns?
a.       Haryana
b.      Gujarat
c.       Assam
d.      Jammu & Kashmir
85.   indian Oil Corporation has become the First to supply BS-VI fuel across country. Who is the chariman of IOC?
a.       Sanjiv Singh
b.      Dharmendra Pradhan
c.       Sanjiv Jain
d.      None of these
86.   Who has been Appointed as the New Chief Justice of Bombay High Court?
a.       Bhusan P. Dharmadhakari
b.      Pardeep Nandrajog
c.       Thomas Bach
d.      Savita Chhabra
87.   What is India’s rank in the 26th edition of Economic Freedom Index 2020 among 186 Countries released by Heritage Foundation?
a.       144
b.      120
c.       110
d.      84
88.   Who is the Author of the Book ‘ Missing in Action: The Prisoners who Never Came Back” ?
a.       Chandra Suta Durga
b.      Savita Chabbra
c.       Ravinder Singh
d.      None of these
89.   How much percentage of profit of State Bank of India for the FY 2019-20 will be used by bank to combat COVID-19?
a.       1%
b.      .50%
c.       0.25%
d.      2%
90.   The  virtual G20 summit  held on ?
a)March 27th
b)March 26th
c)March 29th
d)March 30th 
91.   In which Indian State, India’s Largest COVID-19 Hospital to be Set up ?
a.       Gujarat
b.      Odisha
c.       Kerala
d.      Maharashtra
92.   Which Department has allowed to use of non-dissolving   indelibe ink to identify the Quarantine Peoples?
a.       Health Ministry
b.      Supreme Court
c.       Home Ministry
d.      Election Commission
93.   Who has been Appointed as the New Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh?
a.       Shivraj Singh Chauhan
b.      Iqbal Singh Bains
c.       Lal ji Tandon
d.      Sunil Arora
94.   Which among the following drug has been declared as scheduled H1 drug by Government of India under Section 26B of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940?
a.       Hydroxychloroquine
b.      Asprin
c.       Pencillin
d.      Cancor 5
95.   The Sawai Man Singh (SMS) Government Hospital is Conducting the Series of Trails on a Humanoid Robot  to Provide Service to COVID-19 Patients. The Hospital is in which State?
a.       Odisha
b.      Gujarat
c.       Rajasthan
d.      Jammu and Kashmir
96.   Which Indian state has become the First to Launch the Self-Assessment Tool for COVID-19?
a.       Odisha
b.      Maharashtra
c.       Gujarat
d.      GOA
97.   Recently, Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) Has set up India’s First COVID-19 Dedicated Hospital in ?
a.       Delhi
b.      Mumbai
c.       Bengaluru
d.      Noida
98.   Which Country has become the First One to Withdraw from Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19?
a.       India
b.      Japan
c.       China
d.      Canada
99.   Who is the Author of the Book titled “Legacy of Learning’ ?
a.       Savita Chhabra
b.       Gregory Margulis
c.       Hellel Furstenburg
d.       None of these
100.                       The finance minister of which country committed suicide because of the fallout from COVID-19 ?
a.       Italy
b.      UK
c.       Germany
d.      Spain

 To download these questions in pdf click the link below

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