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Whole February , selected current affairs in MCQ

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1.       India International leather fair was held in which city?
a)      Kolkata
b)      Chennai
c)       Bhopal
d)      Lucknow
2.       Which country has recently announced locust attack as
national emergency?
a)      Srilanka
b)      Maldives
c)       Pakistan
d)      Tibet
3.       Who has been appointed as the new prime minister of Iraq?
a)      Barham salih
b)      Mohammad Allawi
c)       Adil Abdul mahdi
d)      Mohamed al halbousi
4.       Costal security exercise , “ Malta abhiyan” has been launched
by Indian navy in which of the following states?
a)      Andhrapradesh
b)      Tamilnadu
c)       Kerala
d)      Westbengal
5.       Australian open 2020 men’s single was won by –
a)      Novak Djokovich
b)      Rodger Federar
c)       Dominic Theim
d)      Joe Salissbury
6.       Karnataka is about to get its new airport at –
a)      Bidar
b)      Bangalore
c)       Hubli
d)      Mangalore
7.       who became the first Indian to receive a Fellowship from IADR?
a)      Saima Younis Khan
b)      Ritika Malhotra
c)       Arman  Popli
d)      Rajesh Koppikar
8.       who has been appointed as the new CEO of HAL ?
a)      R. Madhavan
b)       Amitabh Bhatt
c)        Shekhar Srivastava
d)      Sajal Prakash
9.       which organisation of India has recently developed the vaccine to
 control swine fever?
a)      Indian veterinary Research Institute
b)      National Centre for Disease Control
c)        National Institute of immunology
d)       National Institute of Nutrition ,Hyderabad
10.   who is the new CEO of Wework ?
a)      Artie Minson
b)      B. Sebastian Gunningham
c)        Sandeep Mathrani
d)      none of these
11.   A new multipurpose project is to be built across Ujh river.
 Ujh  river is in which state or union territory ?
a)      Kerala
b)       Jammu and Kashmir
c)       Ladakh
d)      Uttarakhand
12.   what is the maximum insurance provided for bank deposits as per
the latest Union budget in 20-21 ?
a)      1 lakh
b)      2 lakh
c)        3 lakh
d)       5 lakh
13.   who is the new high commissioner to Sri Lanka ?
a)      Ajay bisaria
b)      Taranjit Singh Sandhu
c)       Gopal baglay
d)      Harshvardhan Shringla
14.   Udyanotsav was inaugurated by the president of India at-
a)      Tajmahal
b)      Rashtrapati Bhavan
c)       Sangsad marg
d)      Secretariet Garden.
15.   The biggest ever defence exhibition,  DefExpo 2020 was recently
held in-
a)      Bhopal
b)      Lucknow
c)       Kolkata
d)      Ahmedabad.
16.   The first ever term contract with Russia for Importing of Ural
grades crude oil has been signed under the president ship of –
a)      Amit Shah
b)      Rajnath Singh
c)       Narendra modi
d)      Dharmendra pradhan
17.   which city has received  World Heritage site certificate from
 UNESCO  in February 2020 ?
a)      Bhopal
b)      Bangalore
c)       Jaipur
d)      Gangtok
18.   The latest bill introduced in loksabaha, ‘ Vivad Se Vishwas’   is about –
a)       GST
b)      Direct Tax
c)       Professional Tax
d)      Telecom spectrum
19.   The establishment of ‘Vardhavan’ port was approved by Union
 government recently. This port is to be set up in which state?
a)      Andhrapradesh
b)      Tamilnadu
c)       Kerala
d)      Maharashtra
20.   ‘Janasevaka’ programme , a programme to provide government
schemes at home delivery was launched by which state government ?
a)      Andhrapradesh
b)      Assam
c)       Delhi
d)      Karnataka
21.   Who has been awarded with  ‘National banker of the Year 2020
Asia-pacific” by ‘The Banker magazine’ ?
a)      Rajnish kumar
b)      Shasktikanta das
c)       Christian lagarde
d)      Shrinivasulu shetty
22.   India international seafood show 2020  has been held in  -
a)       Chennai
b)      Kochi
c)       Lonavala
d)      Hyderabad
23.   India’s first Integrated Steel Plant Established at –
a)      Bhiiai
b)      Durgapur
c)       Bokaro
d)      Rourkela
24.   who among the following weightlifter got gold medal at women's
National weightlifting  championships?
a)      Harinder Kaur
b)      Rakhi Haldar
c)       Karnam Malleswari
d)      saikhom Mirabai Chanu
25.   which country tops the international intellectual property
index in 2020 ?
a)      USA
b)       UK
c)       Sweden
d)      France
26.   who recently unveiled children's protection fund for India?
a)      Prince Charles
b)       Edward Albert
c)        Golf Kennedy
d)      George vi
27.   who has received mystic Kalinga literary award 2020 ?
a)      soubhagya Kumar Mishra
b)      Manoj Das
c)       Arundhati Roy
d)      Nabanita Dev Sen
28.   The merger of Tata mobile operations and which of the following
companies has recently been approved by department of Telecom ?
a)      Airtel
b)      Vodafone
c)        Idea
d)      Reliance jio
29.   the NASA astronaut who completed the longest ever single space
flight by a woman on 6th February is –
a)      Christina Koch
b)       Peggy whitson
c)        Luca Parmintano
d)       Alexander Skvortsov
30.   Who has been appointed as the British High commissioner to India ?
a)      Dominic asquith
b)      Philip barton
c)        Kenneth I. juster
d)       Kenji hiramatsu
31.   Which animal has been identified as the host of corona virus ?
a)      civet
b)      Pangolin
c)       bat
d)      snake
32.   who has been named as the head of the trust for construction of
Ram temple ?
a)      Maninder Acharya
b)      K.K.  Venugopal
c)       G.E. Vahanvati
d)      K.  prasaran
33.   light utility helicopter’  production has been approved by government
 recently. light utility helicopter will be produced by-
a)      HAL
b)      DRDO
c)       ISRO
d)      Military Engineering school, Ahmedabad
34.   Which space organizations will send space probes to sun
to map its poles ?
a)      NASA
b)      ESA
c)       ISRO
d)      Both A & B
35.   Under 19 Cricket World Cup 2020 was own for the first
time by –
a)      India
b)      Pakistan
c)       Australia
d)      Bangladesh
36.   Youngest girl to climb Mount ‘ Aconcagua’ ,  Kamya Karthikeyan’
 is from which state-
a)      Maharashtra
b)       Punjab
c)       Haryana
d)       Himachal Pradesh
37.   The first ever helicopter service was flagged off under UDAN
 scheme in
A)      Delhi
B)      Uttarakhand
C)      Himachal Pradesh
D)     Sikkim
38.   Who took over the charge as Eastern fleet commander?
A)  Suraj Bedi
B)  Sanjay vatsyanyan
C) Benodic  D Costa
D)  None of the above
39.     5th edition of joint military exercise between India and UK in
2020 has been held in
A)  Delhi
B)   salisbudy
C)  London
D)  kochin
40.     The National Institute of financial management ,  Faridabad
will be named after
A)  Atal Bihari Vajpayee
B)  Arun Jaitley
C)  Sushma Swaraj
D)  George Fernandez
41.   Recently National workshop on e- office was held in
A)  Bangalore
B,)  Ahmedabad
C)    Delhi
D)  Lucknow
42.   The national winter games 2020 has been  held in
A)  leh
B)  sonmarg
C)  Gulmarg
D)  Gangtok
43.   Recently a Bulletproof jacket Bhabha Kavach
was developed by
A)  Bhabha Atomic centre
C)  Military Engineering school, Ahmedabad
D)  Indian Army School Manali
44.   WHO named coronavirus as
A)  COVID 19
B)  Ncov 2019
C)  Ncov 2020
D)  Corvy 2020
45.   The 2020 groundwater act was approved by 
Which state government ?
A)  Andhra Pradesh
B)  Uttar Pradesh
C)  Rajasthan
D) Karnataka
46.   International hockey Federation women’s rising star of
 the Year award was given to.
 A)  lalremsiami.
B)  Deep grace
C)  Kuldip kau
D)  Vadana ekka
47.    Pravasi bharatiya kendra  will be renamed after .
A)  Arun jaitley
B)  Atal bihari vajpeyee
C)  Sushma swaraj
D)  Monohar parikkar
48.   “ Pehle safety “ is an internet safety campaign of which
technology company?
a.       Apple
b.      LinkedIn
c.       Google
d.      Miscrosoft
49.   Which state government recently launched toll free helpline
 number for students to resolve their queries by experts?
a.       Karnataka
b.      West Bengal
c.       UttarPradesh
d.      Punjab
50.   The 2nd BIMSTEC Disaster Management Exercise, 2020 has been
 conducted in which city?
a.       Dhaka
b.      Delhi
c.       Bangkok
d.      Bhubaneswar
51.   Which Indian naval ship has been deployed on hydrographical
 survey to the coast of Srilanka?
a.       INS Jamuna
b.      INS Kavaratii
c.       INS Vikramaditya
d.      INS Vikrant
52.   Presidents colours’ award has been given to which Indian Naval Ship?
a.       INS Vikramaditya
b.      INS Jamuna
c.       INS Shivaji
d.      INS kavaratti
53.   National organic food festival 2020 has ben held in
a)      Bangalore
b)      Gujarat
c)       Delhi
d)      Lucknow
54.   who has been  named as the player of the year 2019 ,( Hockey)
by international hockey Federation
a)      Eddie Ockenden
b)      Manpreet Singh
c)       Adam Dixon
d)      Tetsuya Saito
55.   Recently Antarctica recorded the highest temperature at
( In degree Celsius)-
a)      20.75
b)      18.3
c)       15.7
d)      18.9
56.   Recently Rebelo De Sousa was on a  4 day visit to India . He is the
president of which country?
a)      Poland
b)      Holand
c)        Portugal
d)      Senegal.
57. Pulwama attack Memorial was inaugurated
     in which camp?
A)  balakot
B)  uri
C)  lethpora
D)  Diskit
58.    Cha-chi program was inaugurated by
A) Rebelo de sousa
B) Mahendra Rajapksa
C) Cyril Ramaphosa
D) Donald trump.
59.   Who among the following attended the meeting of
Munich   Security Council from India?
              A)   Narendra Modi
              B)   Rajnath Singh
               C) Amit Shah
D)  S Jaishankar
60.   Who inaugurated India's first Intercity
           electric bus service?
A)  Prahlad Singh Patel
D)  Arjun Munda
C)  Ravi Shankar Prasad
D)  Nitin Gadkari
61.   Which former Indian cricketer has been
   appointed as  the coach of UAE cricket team?
 a) Zaheer khan
 b) Irfan Pathan
 c) Robin Sing
 d) Rahul Dravid
62.   A noble laureate, Rajendra kumar pachuri
        had died recently. He is from which state?
     a)  Guijrat
     b)  hariyana
     c) Uttarakhand
     d)  Assam.
63.    Recently statue of Deen Dayal Upadhyay has been unveiled By
A.  Narendra Modi
B.  Amit Shah
C.   Rajnath Singh
D.  Yogi Adityanath
64.   The first Geo- imaging satellite launched in 2020 by ISRO is -
65.   Which Union Territory  conducted countrywide road shows
 this February?
A.  Andaman and Nicobar Island
B.  Puducherry
C.  Dadra and Nagar Haveli
D.  Jammu and Kashmir
66.   Who has been appointed as the new finance Secretary of India?
A.  Ajay Panda
B. Devashish Panda
C. Bhupesh Baghel
D.  Gopal baglay
67.   Rishi sunak became the first Indo-origin Finance Minister of
which foreign country?
A.  United Kingdom
B.  United Arab Emirates
C.  New Zealand
D.  Germany
68.   Which state government has Announced to provide cash prize
 to Tokyo Olympic participant and winner representing that state?
A.  Delhi
B. Haryana
C. Punjab
D.  Maharashtra
69.   United Nation biodiversity Summit will be inaugurated by
A.  Prahlad Singh  Patel
B.  Prakash javadekar
C.   Prahlad Joshi
D.   Narendra Modi
70.   Bio Asia Summit  2020 has been held at-
A.  Bhopal
B.  Hyderabad
C.  Bangalore
D.  Delhi
71.   Joint military exercise SAMPRITI-IX  has been held in
A.  Dhaka
B.  Dispur
C.  chattagram
D.  umroi
72.   All India conference of CAT , 2020  has been  held in-
A.  Dehradun
B.  Lucknow
C.  Delhi
D.  Nagar
73.   Recently which country has removed ‘developing’ tag
from India in terms of trade relation?
A.  France
B.  Russia
C.  Germany
D.   America
74.   According to the  recent data of Ethnologue ,  the most
Spoken language in the world is
A.  Mandarin
B.  Hindi
C.  English
D.  Persian
75.   What is the motto of Olympic 2020?
A.  United we stand
B.  United by together
C.  imported by emotion
D.  United by emotion
76.   The Global investor Summit 2020 will be hosted by which city?
A.  Delhi
B.  Mumbai
C.  Srinagar
D. Leh.
77.   A  new lighthouse is to be built near Rameshwaram at-
A. Olakuda
B. Pamban
C. Keelakari
D. Dhanushkodi
78.   Who has won gold medal at Asian wrestling
 Championship 2020?
A. Yogeshwar dutta
B. Sunil kumar
C. Sushil kumar
D. Pappu yadav
79.   Which airport has become the first single use plastic free
airport in the country?
A. Indira gandhi international airport
B. Chhatrapati shivai international airport
C. Netaji subhas international airport
D. Pakyong airport
80.   Recently which government ordered to destroy Thai
magur(foreign magur) breeding centers?
A.   Andhra Pradesh
B.  Haryana
C.  Tamil Nadu
D.   Maharashtra
81.   Which animal of India has been declared as the" national
heritage animal"  at  CMS cop 13?
A. tiger
B. lion
C. elephant
D. peacock
82.   The theme of this year's International Mother's language Day is
A. language beyond the bars
B.  Language beyond the border
C. languages without borders
B. languages are unique.
83.   The ideal legislative assembly speaker award has been
given to
A.  P Sreeramakrishnan
B.   Biman Mitra
C.  P Dhanapal
D.  Ram Niwas Goel
84.   Recently  Sheikh Imran Abdullah  visited India. He is the
 home minister of which country ?
A.  Malaysia
B.   Maldives
C.   Sri Lanka
D.  Brazil
85.   Which state is to be planned as Steel hub of India?
A.  Bihar
B.  Chhattisgarh
C.  Jharkhand
D.  Andhra
86.   India's tallest railway peer Bridge has been built over the river -
A.  Imphal
B.  Barak
C.  makru
D.  Iril
87.   Namaste trump  will be held in a stadium at ?
A. Delhi
B. Kolkata
C. Vadodara
D. Motera
88.   Currently, which Economic Census is underway in India?
A. 6th
B. 7th
C. 8th
D. 9th
89.   America has  signed peace agreement to end the
war of 18 years with which country ?
A.  Syria
B.  Iraq
C.  Israel
D.  Afghanistan
90.   The web portal launched by India to  ease  doing
 business is-
A.  business plus
B.  web Plus
C.  Spice Plus
D.  easy business
91.    Who has been conferred best actor at Dada Saheb Phalke
 Film Festival 2020?
A.  Akshay Kumar
B.  Salman Khan
C.  Tiger Shroff
D.  Hrithik Roshan
92.   Hosni Mubarak who recently passed away was
 the president of which country?
A.  Iran
B. Iraq
C.  Egypt
D.   Kazakhstan
93.   Who has been  invited  from India to address the
 Bangladesh parliament on the occasion of centenary
 of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman?
A.  Ramnath kovind
B.  venkaiah Naidu
C.  Pranab Mukherjee
D.   Hamid  Ansari
94.   All India tribal worker meet in 2020 has been held recently in-
A.   Bhopal
B.  Raipur
C.  Delhi
D.  Guwahati
95.   The fifth edition of "indra dhanush" between  India and UK
   was held on air base at
A.  Uttar Pradesh
B.  Rajasthan
C.  Andhra Pradesh
D.  Maharashtra
96.   The 24th meeting of eastern zonal council has been held in-
A. Bhubaneswar
B. Kolkata
C. Patna
D. Ranchi
97.   Win myint was on a visit to India. He is the president of which
A.  Malaysia
B.  Indonesia
C.  Myanmar
D.  Congo
98.   Which is the first known animal which can breathe
without oxygen?
A. Henneguya salminicola
B. Toxoplasma gondi
C. Giardia lamblia
D. Entamobia histalytica
99.   RAISE 2020  Is to be held in-
A.  Bangalore
B.  Delhi
C.  Lucknow
D.  Thiruvananthapuram
100.                    Sudhakar Chaturvedy has passed away recently. He was
 a renowned
A.  politician
B.  Vedic scholar
C.  poet
D.  reporter
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