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Postal services should be shut down to stop COVID 19

We are all aware of the fact that India is about to enter the stage 3 of the COVID 19 infections . If we cant stop the spreading of this highly contagious disease through out the community , the fatal scenario through out the India is just a wait of time. As in this stage the disease will spread not only through the infected persons but also with the places where they touched or where they spit or coughed without wearing  mask and also through many other ways . 
Just think at the first level only 1 person gets infected abroad and returns to India . As the symptoms of infections naturally appears after 6-7 days of getting infected , in the mean time that person infects 20-30 people including his family members.On next week that 30 people may infect another 30 people each counting to 900 ....and such the counting may reach up to thousands or even to lakhs if we do not break the chain of contact .



The  parcels or letters booked in any point in India will be carried by Postal Staffs to another point of receiving . Through the whole transmission it can be touched by about 18 to 20 people till the delivery of the article . Now think India there is lakhs of articles booked in India over above 1.5 lakhs booking points . Now think about the chances of spreading of this disease if any one gets infected in this chain . As almost all states in India is now infected with COVID 19 ,there is a high chance of infections . Moreover the lakhs of customers gets connected everyday to the post offices . 
Government of India is announcing that the people should maintain social distancing . But there are more than 4.5 lakhs of postal employees in India and the chain is very intact unlike bank ( because bank acts separately and their employees are not connected though emergency parcel or speed post ) . if one postal employee gets infected there is huge chance of getting the whole chain contaminated.
Now it may arise in your mind that how will it contaminate the whole department . Just look at an instance stated below , It will be clear to all.

Sequence of Infections

suppose Some one booked a letter at a branch office of pincode 743251, namely krishna chandra pur B.O and is deestined for takali ambad village having pincode 431137. The booked letter will first be taken from a corona affected residents(assuming that the resident is affected) it will be handed over to the branch post master (1) ( assuming that there is COVID19 on the surface of the letter) . after getting that type of many letters and after the counter hour is over , the branch postmaster will hand over the letters to the packer(2) who will insert the letters to a bag . Later the bag will be handed over to the mail carrier who will carry the bag to the sub postoffice (here it is Ganrapota so) , he may use the local transport to reach the Ganrapota Sub post offce also ( that bears more risk of contact) . when the bag reaches the ganrapota it will be opened by the packer of ganrapota so (3). He will hand over the letter to a counter staff (4) . All the letters coming from the 21 branches which operates under Ganrapota S.O will be entered in a Computerized system and another bag will be made by that counter staff . along with this a list of letters will be printed by that counter staff and will be signed by the Sub Postmaster (5) . The bag will then be received by another mail carrier(6) and will be taken to the Bongaon S.O . packer at bongaon so (7) will receive the bag . And all such bags coming from its jurisdictions will also be received by him . He will then handed over the bags to the counter staff (8) . natuarlly the Postmaster of that office (9) wiil also be contaminated for the signing purposed . He may also get in touch will other staffs too . Later the bags collected will be sent to Bongaon railway stations and will be handed over to the Railway Mail services incharge (10) . For documentation purposes it may be touched by 2 persons atleast (11) . The mail will be sent through train and the train staff (12) may be affected. After reaching Sealdah railway station it may be touched by the receiving staff (13) on the platform . after that  he will delivers the bags to the sorting staff (14) as there are thousands of letters which are destined for various cities of India . After sorting the letters the various bags will be prepared and the bags will be sent through Railways and airways . 
Now think it has already contacted minimum of 14 employees . Another 14 persons will be contacted till the delivery and obviously the person whom it will be delivered . Now lets the numbers of letters be minimum and suppose one letter per state . Then it will contaminate 30*14 =420 more minimum. 

Think about if you count for such 1.5 lakhs terminal . so it is very important to shut down the postal services with immediate effect . 

It is my earnest request to all our residents to appeal for complete shutdown of postal services . Spread this message for awareness in every social medias like Facebook, Tweeter, LinkedIn, Pinterest,whatsapp and every know social sites .Use the hash tags #shutdownpostoffices

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