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sanitary pad disposal bags mandatory from January 2021

Union Minister Prakash Javedkar on Sunday announced that the centre would make it mandatory for sanitary napkin companies to provide bio-degradable disposal bags from January,2021. He was apprised it at an International Women's Day event in Pune. Also the sanitation Norma for corporations and municipalities will be now applicable to villages with a population more than 3000. 50 small and 50 large waste classification center will set up in Pune.


As per statistics, every year, approximately 1,13000 sanitary pads in the country turn into waste which is non-biodegradable and harmful for the environment. With the increased production of usage of napkins and diapers, they are discarded in a way that is harmful to waste keepers.


If the disposal bags are introduced, napkins can be wrapped in these bags before being thrown in the garbage, which can avoid infections. The plastic-free napkins will decompose in 6 to 8 months as opposed to regular sanitary pads  

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