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The resolution aims to drop the word Socialism from the Constitution in Rajya Sabha

Constitution of India
A BJP member of the Rajya Sabha Rakesh Sinha will dispel a resolution in the House on Friday, seeking the removal of the word, "Socialism" from the prelude of the constitution, traversing that the word is "redudant" in the running sphere, and that the word should dropped to create space for "economic thinking without a particular thought".


The prelude to the Indian Constitution has revealed the country to be a Sovereign, Socialist, Secular and Democratic Republic.
Socialism and secularism were not the segment of the prelude which was accepted on 26th November,1949 by the Constituent Assembly.
The terms "socialist" and "secular" had been compacted in the prelude later, to qualify the character of the Indian Republic, as part of the 42nd amendment which was passed during the Emergency.
It is declared in the socio-economic developmental context that socialism is entirely a redudant.

Forty-second Amendment of Constitution of India

The 42 nd amendment to Constitution of India, officially known as The Constitution ( 42 nd amendment) Act, 1976, was enacted during the Emergency ( 25th June, 1975 - 21st March,1977) by the Indian National Congress government headed by Indira Gandhi. The 42 nd Amendment is regarded as the most controversial constitutional amendment in history. It attempted to reduce the power of the Supreme Court and High Courts to pronounce upon the Constitutional validity of laws. This amendment brought about the most widespread changes to the constConstit in its history and is sometimes called a "mini constitution" or the " Constitution of Indira".

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