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Former IBM MD Karan Bajwa named as MD of Google cloud in India

Karan Bajwa
Google Cloud India got its new Managing director Karan Bajwa. He has been appointed by Google for this platform very recently. He will monitor the full function of Google cloud in India. 

 Karan Bajwa

Karan Bajwa Is presently working as the Managing director of IBM( International Business Machines) for India and South Asia region.  He is a senior leader who is leading the business managements for over three decades.  Karan Bajwa was also served as the managing director of Microsoft. He led the business of Microsoft in India. He was also a renowned leader in Cisco Systems in Singapore and India.

Role of Karan Bajwa in Google cloud India

Bajwa will monitor the work of the India based Global System Integrations and local developer ecosystem.  He will be responsible for the revenue generations  from the service which google cloud platform offers.  He will be reported about the field sales , partner and customer engineering organizations in India by the concerned officials. He will also be responsible for the performance of revenue generations form Google suite also.

What is Google Cloud Platform

Google cloud platform is a suite of cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure that Google uses internally for its end user products like Google search, Gmail etc. This platform also provides services like data storage, data analytics and machine learning. The owner of this platform is Google. It provides web services and cloud computing. Google cloud platform has been written in Java, C++, python , Go Ruby languages.

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