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Current affairs 1st to 5th march 2020

1.       Which of the Following has been Selected by NITI Aayog for the First pilot Project among all States and UT’s on Sustainable Development Goals?
a.       Chandigarh
b.      Jammu and Kashmir
c.       Gujarat
d.      Haryana

2.       Which Among the Following has entered the LIMCA Books of Records for Films Edited in Most no. of Languages?
a.       Sreekar Prasad
b.      Bob Weighton
c.       Ritesh Agarwal
d.      None of these

3.       Which Female Cricketer has become First in the World to hit a Century in all three Formats of Cricket?
a.       Haither Knight
b.      Jadav Payeng
c.       Chitestu Watanabe
d.      Aisha Mughal
4.       Which Company has given the Responsibility of Construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodha?
a.       Reliance
b.      L & T
c.       Singla Construction Limited
d.      TATA
5.       Which State’s CM has been Awarded Dr. Syama Prasad Mukherjee Award 2020?
a.       Gujarat
b.      Assam
c.       Uttar Pradesh
d.      Kerala
6.       Which Indian State is Going to Become Single Use Plastic Free by 01 May 2020?
a.       Gujarat
b.      Maharashtra
c.       Haryana
d.      Jammu and Kashmir
7.       Recently, the World Oldest Man Chitestu Watanabe Passed Away? He is from ?
a.       China
b.      Japan
c.       Russia
d.      Nepal
8.       Which Indian State has Banned All form of Strikes in Schools and Colleges?
a.       Tamil Nadu
b.      Kerala
c.       Gujarat
d.      Haryana
9.       Which Country currently has the Highest Coronavirus  Cases Outside China?
a.       South Korea
b.      North Korea
c.       Japan
d.      Pakistan
10.   Which country has become the first in the World to include a transgender women in UN Delegation?
a.       India
b.      Pakistan
c.       China
d.      Japan
11.   Which state has announced the renaming of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti urdu Arabic-Persian University?
a.       Bihar
b.      Uttar Pradesh
c.       Haryana
d.      Gujarat
12.   Who has been Sworn in as the New PM of Malaysia?
a.       Mahathir Mohamad
b.      Muhyiddin Yassin
c.       Param Bir Singh
d.      SN Srivastava
13.   In Which Indian State, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla Launches ‘ Suposhit Maa Abhiyan?
a.       Punjab
b.      Haryana
c.       Rajasthan
d.      Gujarat
14.   Recently, Indian Railway Launches Restaurant on Wheels in Which Railway Station?
a.       Asansol Railway Station
b.      Jammu Railway Station
c.       Vijayawada Railway Station
d.      Delhi Railway Station
15.   Who has become the New Director of Yahoo.in?
a.       Mohit Goenka
b.      Sreekar Prasad
c.       Haither Knight
d.      Sarbananda Sonowal
16.   Recently, Balbir Singh Khullar Passed away. He is related to Which Sports?
a.       Hockey
b.      Cricket
c.       Volleyball
d.      Football
17.   Who has been Named as the New CEO and President of Nokia?
a.       Peeka Lundmark
b.      Rajeev Suri
c.       Muhyiddin Yassin
d.      Mohit Goenka
18.   Rakhigarhi Will Soon Emerge as a Major Tourist Destination on the Map of India. It is located in Which Indian State?
a.       Madhya Pradesh
b.      Haryana
c.       Gujarat
d.      Jammu and Kashmir
19.   Which of the Following has Launched a New Consumer Marketing Campaign, Called ‘More Together, In India?
a.       Facebook
b.      Google
c.       Yahoo
d.      Youtube
20.   On Which day, National Safety day is Celebrated in India?
a.       03 March
b.      04 March
c.       05 March
d.      06 March
21.   Recently, Khola Chilly Gets GI Tag. It is Found in Which Indian State?
a.       Jammu and Kashmir
b.      Madhya Pradesh
c.       Goa
d.      Himachal Pradesh
22.   Which Indian American has been Appointed as the Key Member to the US Coronavirus Task Force?
a.       Seema Sharma
b.      Alex Azar
c.       Peeka Lundmark
d.      Mohit Goenka
23.   Where did the International yoga Festival Begin in March 2020 with yoga Teachers and Practitioners from 11 Countries taking Part in this Event?
a.       Shimla
b.      Rakhigiri
c.       Rishikesh
d.      Bhopal
24.   Which Nation has taken Over the Presidency of the United Nations Security Council?
a.       Japan
b.      China
c.       Russia
d.      India
25.   Which City will host 108th Edition of Indian Science Congress in 2021?
a.       Bhubneshwar
b.      Pune
c.       Guhawati
d.      Mumbai

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