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Modi Cabinet permitted the construction of Aligarh-Harduagunj Flyover

The government permitted the construction of Aligarh-Harduagunj flyover. The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs(CCEA) chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The construction of the railway flyover is taken up by the Ministry of Railways. The railway flyover will be constructed around 3 km away from the Aligarh railway station and will come under the North Central Railway Zone.

Details about the Aligarh-Harduagunj flyover

  • The total length of the Aligarh-Harduagunj flyover will be 22 kilometers.
  • The flyover will be constructed at a total cost of Rs. 1285 crore, according to PIB.
  • In order to solve the problem of train delays, congestion and bunching up of freight trains on this section, a flyover at Aligarh, which goes over the existing Delhi-Howrah main line is an operational necessity for the network.
  • With the construction of flyover, providing direct access from Aligarh to Harduagunj the delays and detentions of operations will be completely avoided.
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