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Radio and Diversity : Theme of world Radio day 2020

World Radio day observed on 13th february:

world Radio day
The world radio day has been observed on 13th February word wide by UNESCO ( United nations educational scientific and cultural organization) , an important wing works under UN ( United Nation) .  UNESCO urged all the radio stations of the world to maintain diversity.

Theme:    Radio and diversity

The theme itself implies to maintain diversity in international level. There is a clear intention in the theme to convey the idea that even in today's ear of internet dependent communication , Radio is an important equipment of communication . Radio today keeps liaison with the intellectual community worldwide.


To increase the awareness among the people of the world that there is a key impact of Radio over the society world wide. The sophisticated world gets a vast interaction through the radios.  It also urge the information providers to convey their messages through radio platforms.

Radio is sill widely used in every country over the world .  United nation took resolution in 2012 to celebrate this day as world radio day. From 2013 , this day is being celebrated by UNESCO .

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