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Technology Group will be constituted by India : Approval from cabinet received

by Saheli
India will be setting up a technology group to provide scientific advice on mapping technologies, developing a road map on selected key technologies and commercialization of dual use technologies in India. The setting up of this group has been approved by the Union Cabinet on 19th February, 2020. It will immensely support technology sector of Indian technology.


The group has been set up to pursue the following things
  • .       Commercializing the dual use of technology
  • .       Maintaining the standard of technologies.
  • .        Mapping of technologies and using of technology across the country.
  • .       Ensure the socio-economic development of using the technology.
  • .       Alignment of researchers to the technology development.


This is a group of 12 members.  The group will ensure that the technologies which has been developed for public sector enterprises become sustainable and will achieve sustainable development goal  globally.  It aims at developing in-house expertise who will be efficient enough to merge the technologies. The most important task for this group will be to provide effective advice to make a reliable strategy to spread the technical advancement nation wide.

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