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New Central Vigilance Commissioner in 2020 – Sanjay Kothari

Sanjoy kothari

The president secretary , Sanjay Kothari has been recommended by the prime minister led panel to be named as the chief Vigilance commissioner . The appointment of the CVC( Central Vigilance Commissioner) faced a round of criticism as the sri Sanjay Kothari was a part of the search committee.  Sri Kothari  Is to replace Sharad kumar

Key points

The Central Vigilance commissioner  is appointed by the president. The president forms a three member committee. The committee is headed by the prime minister. The central vigilance commissioner holds his office for 4 years from the date of his appointment or attaining the age of 65 which ever is earlier. After his retirement the CVC  can’t be appointed to other central and state government agency.

Central Vigilance Commission

Central Vigilance commission investigates the matters which are referred by the union government. This is the premiere Government Agency which acts to prevent corruption in India. It was created in 1964. This agency was not a statutory body. The status of statutory body was given by enacting a law by the parliament. It is an autonomous body and Is free of control from any executive authority. The constitution of CVC was made under the recommendation of the committee on prevention of corruption , headed by K. santhanam .
The Annual Report of the CVC not only gives the details of the work done by it but also brings out the system failures which leads to corruption in various Departments/Organizations, system improvements, various preventive measures and cases in which the Commission's advises were ignored etc.
The Commission shall consist of:
   A Central Vigilance Commissioner - Chairperson;
    Not more than two Vigilance Commissioners - Members;

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