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Revision/ january 2020 selected current affairs

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        The naional youth festival 2020 was held in- 

a)      Lucknow
b)     Patna
c)      Delhi
d)     Jaipur
2.      Tejas made its first arrested landing on which naval ship ?
a)      INS Vikrant
b)      INS Vikramaditya.
c)      INS arihant
d)     INS Viraat
3.      India's first cyber crime prevention unit has been inaugurated in which city ?
a)      Gorgaon
b)      Gandhinagar.
c)      Noida
d)     Bangalore
4.       The first turtle rehab center is to be set up at which state ?
a)      Uttapradesh
b)     Jharkhand
c)      Uttarakhand
d)      Bihar
5.      National stock exchange knowledge hub has been inaugurated at
a)      Kochi
b)      New Delhi
c)      Bangalore
d)     Chennai
6.      The fifth pulses conclave 2020 is to be held in –
a)      Delhi
b)     Maharstra
c)      Odisha
d)     Gujrat
7.      Milan (Multilateral  naval exercise ) in  2020  was held at-
a)      Vishakhapattanam
b)     Puducherry
c)      Kochin
d)     Marmagaon
8.      Which country has recently permitted multi entry tourist visa with a validity of 5 years ?
a)       Japan
b)     USA
c)      Russia
d)     UAE
9.      Vikram Saravai Children innovation center has been established in which state ?
a)       Tamilnadu
b)     Karnataka
c)      Andhrapradesh
d)     Gujrat
10. A new book  " Karmayoddha Granth " in january 2020 has been released . On whose life is the book based on ?
a)      Mahatma Gandhi
b)     Ballava bhai patel
c)      Shyamaprasad Mukherjee
d)     Narendra Modi
11. Zo Kutpui festival has recently been organized by which state Govt.?
a)      Mizoram
b)     Manipur
c)      Nagaland
d)     Arunachal Pradesh
12. ISRO launched massive human flight center in which state ?
a)      Gujrat
b)     Tamilnadu
c)      Karnataka
d)     Telengana
13. National science congress 2020 was held in –
a)      Delhi
b)     Mysore
c)      Bangalore
d)     Ahmedabad
14. The 5th Asia pacific Drosophila Research conference was held at
a)      Nagpur
b)     Pune
c)      Srinagar
d)     Patna
15. Recently which state has launched CM app ?
a)      Uttarakhand
b)     Himachal Pradesh
c)      Gujrat
d)     Nagaland
16. .The largest air borne exercise conducted by Indian Army recently is –
a)      Winged raider
b)      Barun rider
c)       Sangho combat
d)     Fly fighter
17. Refugee settlement agreement in Assam was signed between Assam and mizoram over which tribal community ?
a)       Siddi
b)      Bru - reang
c)       Parivara
d)      Bodo
18.  Which is the most expensive city of the world for luxury goods ?
a)       Sanghai
b)      Rio
c)       Hong kong
d)      New York
19. Entire govt of which country resigned recently after the constitution amendments announced by its president ?
a)      Japan
b)     Australia
c)      Russia
d)     Germany
20.  'SMBHAV' - a mega summit was organized by-
a)       Amazon
b)     Flipkart
c)      Oyo
d)     Snapdeal
21.   The out- break of which new strained virus alerted international terminals of mumbai , delhi and kolkata ?
a)      Obola
b)     Corona
c)      H1N1
d)     Mad cow
22. Who has been recently conferred with saraswati samman award ?
a)       Vasdev mohi
b)      Vikram seth
c)       Padma  sachdev
d)     Mahabaleshwar sail
23. Which project has been launched by GOI to minimize earthquake disasters
a)        seismic hazard microzonation
b)      seismic control project
c)       Earthquake minimization project
d)      Earthquake control protocol
24.   Which state ranked top for water efficiency targets recently ?
a)      West bengal
b)     Kerala
c)      Tamilnadu
d)     Gujarat
25. Which Indian satellite has been recently launched from French Guiana ?
a)        RISAT2B
b)      GSAT-30
c)       GSAT7A
d)      IRNSS1H
26. Which country has announced to offer e-visa facility to Indian tourists?
a)      Japan
b)     Russia
c)      South Africa
d)     Canada
27.    India successfully test-fired k4, nuclear capable underwater missile from which coast recently?
a)       East coast of kochiin 
b)      west coast of Tamilnadu
c)      East coast of Andhra Pradesh
d)     South coast of Odisha
28. India is about to setup Maritime research coordination center in which country ?
a)      Indoneshia
b)     Mayanmar
c)      Srilanka
d)     Uzbekistan
29.    Z-Morh tunnel is to constructed in which state/UT?
a)      Jammu and Kashmir
b)     Andhrapradesh
c)      Himachal Pradesh
d)     Uttarakhand
30. which Indian Wrestler won the gold medal at the Rome ranking series 2020 event?
a)       Sakshi malik
b)     Yogeswar dutta
c)      Vinesh phogat
d)     Babita phogat
31.   Indian Railway has decided to replace Urdu language on sign boards at Uttarakhand State platforms by which language?
a)      Bengali
b)     Pali
c)      Maithili
d)     Sanskrit
32. The theme of this year’s Technology conclave is-
a)      Technologies for new generation governance
b)     Technology being the first priority
c)       Technical India
d)     Technology Empowers India
33.   Recently new 135  agricultural product testing laboratories was built by
a)      FSSAI
b)     APEDA
c)       NABARD
d)      NABL
34. which state has introduced the identification of voters thought a face recognition application ?
a)       Uttarpradesh
b)     Telengana
c)      Bihar
d)     Westbengal
35. The 12th national tribal youth Exchange program was held in –
a)      Madhyapradesh
b)     Odisha
c)      Karnataka
d)     Delhi
36. Who was the first woman officer to lead a parade on republic day in 2020 ?
a)       Kavita Sribastab
b)     Tania shergill
c)      Bhavan Kastuva
d)      Sonam Solanki
37.   Which country possess first position in social mobility index released by W E F
a)      Norway
b)     Sweden
c)      Denmark
d)     Belgium
38.   Who inaugurated ' vigyan samagam exhibition ' in New Delhi ?
a)        Dr . Jitendra singh
b)      Piyush Goyel
c)       Suresh Pravohn
d)     Harsh vardhan
39.  Who has been recently appointed as the M . D & C . E .O of Bank of Baroda ?
a)        Atanu kumar das
b)      Sanjib chadha
c)       Challa sreenivasulu shetty
d)      Rajnish kumar
40. Which one of the following cricketers had died very recently on 19th January 2020 ?
a)        Arun lal
b)      Man mohan sood
c)       Nazir Ali
d)      C.s. Nadia
41.    Which country ranked first at democracy index for the year 2019 released by EIF?
a)      Sweden
b)     Norway
c)      Iceland
d)     India
42.  To commemorate Netaji's birth anniversary, a new Temple in the name of Netaji was inaugurated at-
a)      Amritsar
b)     Varanasi
c)       Allahabad
d)     Cuttack
43.   Who is the present MD of SBI ?
a)      Rajnish Kumar
b)      Sanjiv Chadha
c)      Challa Srinivasulu Shetty
d)      Aditya Puri
44.  who has won The Global Citizen award 2020?
a)      Priyanka Chopra
b)     Priya Prakash
c)      Sania Mirza
d)     Saina Nehwal
45.   Which country was inspired by and adopted India's Ujjwala scheme for its citizen ?
a)      Africa
b)     Ghana
c)      Belgium
d)     Costarica
46.   world economic forum 2020 was held in which city ?
a)       davos
b)     cologny
c)      zermztt
d)     bern
47. The name of the Robot which will be sent to experimental Gaganyaan mission by ISRO is –
a)       vyom mitra
b)      Vyom jan
c)       Robo mitra
d)      Vyom space
48.   The astronauts for Gaganyaan mission have been trained in –
a)      Japan
b)     Finland
c)      Russina
d)     Austria
49.  Where will India’s first e-waste clinic be inaugurated ?
a)      Patna
b)     Bhopal
c)      Delhi
d)     Gurgaon
50.    who is the chief guest of Republic Day celebration in 2020 ?
a)      Jair Bolsonaro
b)     Cyril Ramaphosa
c)      Mikhai Mishustin
d)     Lee Nak Yeon
51.  who has been awarded with police medal for gallantry award ?
a)       Ambika Nath Mishra
b)     Bharat Singh Meena
c)      Jagbir Singh Rana
d)     yugal Kishor Joshi
52.   India's first super Fab Lab was inaugurated in-
a)      Gujrat
b)      kerala
c)      Bihar
d)     delhi
53.   During 71 Republic Day celebration who among the following was not declared to be awarded with Padma Bhushan Award posthumously ?
a)      George Fernandes
b)     Arun Jaitley
c)      Sushma Swaraj
d)      Atal Bihari Vajpayee
54.   The 62nd annual Grammy Awards were presented from which city ?
a)      New York
b)     Los Angeles
c)       Los Vegas
d)     Chicago
55.   which of the following states has recently declared to abolish Legislative Council?
a)      Uttar Pradesh
b)     Madhya Pradesh
c)      Andhra Pradesh
d)     Rajasthan
56.   Who has been appointed as India’s ambassador to USA ?
a)      Harsh Vardhan Shringla
b)     Taranjit Singh Sandhu
c)      S. Jaisankar
d)     Vijay Gokhle
57.   Which of the following countries left European Union on 31st January , 2020?
a)      Austria
b)     Spain
c)      Denmark
d)     United Kingdom
58.  which Indian theater artist is to be conferred the prestigious French honour “Knight of order of Arts and literature” ?
a)      Girish Karnad
b)     Naseeruddin Shah
c)      Sanjana Kapoor
d)     Ekta Kapoor
59.    who has won 2020 Tyler prize ?
a)      Vandana Shiva
b)      Pavan Sukhdev
c)      Sunita Narain
d)      Chandi Prasad Bhatt
60.  The world's largest meditation Center was inaugurated in which state of India ?
a)      Andhra Pradesh
b)     Telangana
c)       Haryana
d)     Uttarakhand

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