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Jellyfish like parasite,a first ever animal that can survive without oxygen

henneguya salminicola
A jellyfish like parasite is the first ever animal discovered that lives without oxygen and it could shed light on how alien life could exist on other planets. Researchers at Tel Aviv University in Israel say the jellyfish like parasite spends its life clinging to the inside of North Pacific Salmon in a low to zero oxygen environment.


The parasitical creature is called Henneguya Salminicola and lives inside salmon.

The salmon parasite is part of the same family as jellyfish,coral and anemones.

Specialist say it likely developed from free living jellyfish millions of years ago.


Henneguya Salminicola is a jellyfish like parasite that commonly lives within the gut of a salmon. It is not new, it is a common salmon parasite and part of the same family as corals and jellyfish but its genome has only just been mapped. It has fewer than 10 cells, lives within the muscles of salmon and doesn't have mitochondria. It sounds like science fiction. It is relatively harmless. It causes "milky flesh" or "tapioca" disease,named for the white fluid filled cysts it causes in the fish, according to the Alaska Department of the Fish and Game. It may have a different type of respiration such as oxygen free breathing which typically characterizes anaerobic non-animal organisms. Researchist are still endeavoring to find how exactly the parasite propagates energy and it is suspected that the parasite may be drawing energy from the surrounding fish cells.

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