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Hottest Antarctica : Highest temperature recorded at 20.75 degree celsius

Hottest Antarctica : Highest temperature recorded:

Antarctic Ice View

The world meteorological organization announced that they have recorded highest temperature at Antarctica continent. This time the temperature recorded at centigrade scale is 20.75 degree.  Few days ago the meteorological department of Antarctica recorded the highest temperature of 18.3 degree Celsius at the northern tip of Argentina. But now the world meteorological department recorded for the first time, the temperature at 20.75 degree Celsius.

Key Impact

Now the questions arise, why the North Pole is even experiencing such a high temperature and hottest weather? According to the meteorological department, the higher temperature was triggered by the shifts in El Nino and ocean currents. According to the scientists of United Nations, the Antarctica region store around 71% fresh water of the earth. Therefore it is obvious that if it melts, the water level of the ocean will also increase. They assumed that it may raise the sea level by 50 to 60 meters.

Why the rise of temperature is alarming?

The volume of Antarctic ice itself implies the vast region it covers. There are land masses lying under the ice sheets.  Ice sheet covers around 14.2 million square kilometers around the Antarctic region. Even there are ice beds under the sea. It has been reported that there may  be 2500 meters of ice beds under the sea.   The most important thing is that these ice beds reflects more than 90% of solar radiation into the space. The other portion of the earth retains the heat which comes from the sun. The effect of global warming is knocking at the  door .  We should be very careful about this , otherwise there will be a big question mark on the existence of human kind.

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