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Historical Gastronomica - The Indus Dining Experience from 19 th to 25 th February at New Delhi

national museum, delhi
The National Museum, New Delhi has organized a supreme exhibition on India's ancient food history "Historical Gastronomica - The Dining Experience" from 19th to 25th February that goes back to more than 5000 years ago.

The National Museum is an captivating collection of Indus Valley Civilization artifacts. The Indus Valley Civilization hall has one of the most important collection of this illustrious Indian Civilization. This thematic gallery also shows the famous Bronze Dancing Girl, which was brought from Mohenjodaro, a Harappan site.

The Indus Dining Experience is emerged on archaeological research, museum artifacts and their characteristics.

Organizing team 

The event has been organized by the National Museum, OSMS  (One Station Million Stories) and Fabrica by Chef Saby.

The Museum features

  • An illustrious story of man's food history since his evolution and continues to conclude at the Indus Saraswati Civilization.
  • Gallery walk - The use of Harappan poetry and artifacts.
  • Food tasting - finger food samplers and dinners. A model of a Late Harappan Kitchen and other specially designed exhibits.

More about

The exhibition elucidates how the first human evolved due to food habits, learned to extinguish edible from non edible substance food processing techniques and related architecture of the Harappans . It displays how climate change defined and continues to define food security. The exhibition will re-echo with anyone working towards the feature of food.

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