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Current affairs MCQ, 19-02.2020

Daily current affairs ,MCQ
1.       "Kala Kumbh” an exhibition to promote GI tag was
 Recently organized by which ministry?
A.  Ministry of Labor
B.  Ministry of Home Affairs
C.  Ministry of Tribal Affairs
D.  Ministry of textile
2.       Recently a huge Lithium reserve has been found in
A.  jadugara
B.  Mandya
C.  Gondia
D.  Shamsher Gunj
3.       The fourth 'Pradhanmantri fasal Bima Yojana' conference
has been held in-
A.  Udaipur
B.  Jaipur
C.   Thane
D.  Bhopal
4.       Recently which country has removed ‘developing’ tag
from India in terms of trade relation?
A.  France
B.  Russia
C.  Germany
D.   America
5.       According to the  recent data of Ethnologue ,  the most
Spoken language in the world is
A.  Mandarin
B.  Hindi
C.  English
D.  Persian
6.       Who will be the next high commissioner of Australia to India?
A.  Harinder Sidhu
B. Barry O'Farrell
C.  moinul Haq
D.  Mohammed Imran
7.       Who will inaugurate the Indian pavilion  at 70th Berlin 
international film festival?
A.   Narendra Modi
B.  Rajnath  Singh
C.  Amit Shah
D.  S Jaishankar
8.       Institute Of Defense studies and analysis will be renamed
 after the name of
A.  Sushma Swaraj
B. George  Fernandez
C.  Manohar parrikar
D.  Arun Jaitley
9.       What is the motto of Olympic 2020?
A.  United we stand
B.  United by together
C.  imported by emotion
D.  United by emotion
10.   The Global investor Summit 2020 will be hosted by which city?
A.  Delhi
B.  Mumbai
C.  Srinagar
D. Leh.

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