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Current affairs of 12.02.2020

Current affairs of 12.02.2020

1. The national water conference day was held in                   
A)   Andhra Pradesh
B)   Madhya Pradesh
C)  West Bengal
D)  Gujarat
2.  Who took over the charge as Eastern fleet commander?
A)  Suraj Bedi
B)  Sanjay vatsyanyan
C) Benodic  D Costa
D)  None of the above
3.  5th edition of joint military exercise between India and UK will be held in
A)  Delhi
B)   salisbudy
C)  London
D)  kochin
4.  A new portal for star rating of coal mines has been inaugurated recently by -
A)  Prahlad Joshi
B)  Narendra Modi
C)  Prahlad Singh Patel
D)  Rajnath Singh                  
5.  International Day of women and girls science has been observed on -
A)   10 February
B)   11 February
C )  12 February
D)  6 February
6.  The National Institute of financial management ,  Faridabad will be named after
A)  Atal Bihari Vajpayee
B)  Arun Jaitley
C)  Sushma Swaraj
D)  George Fernandez
7.  Which country recently auctioned   license to hunt  elephants to tackle human elephant conflict?
A)  Kenya
B)  Zambia
C)   Botswana
D)  Poland
8 .  "Mukhymantri parivar  Samriddhi yojna " has been launched by which state?
A)  Madhya Pradesh
B)  Haryana
C)  Gujarat
D)  Bihar
9.  Which state government has signed a MOU with 11 agricultural  institutions to provide technical assistance  to farmers?
A)  Andhra Pradesh
B)  Madhya Pradesh
C)  Uttar Pradesh
D)  Assam
10.  Recently National workshop on e- office was held in
A)  Bangalore
B,)  Ahmedabad
C)    Delhi
D)  Lucknow

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