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Admiral Karambir Singh visits Myanmar; aims at maritime cooperation

Admiral  Karambir Singh visits Myanmar; aims at maritime cooperation

Karambir singh
 Admiral karambir singh, the chief of Indian Navy is on a four day visit to Myanmar between  February 17 , 2020 and February 20, 2020. The visit aims at the enhancement of the maritime relations between these two countries.  The bilateral maritime relation with Myanmar is crutial because of the geographical location of this country in India Ocean. Myanmar is also a member of Indian Ocean Naval Symposium.

Indian Ocean Naval Symposium

The Indian Ocean Naval Symposium is the constellation of 24 member countries of Indian Ocean region. It holds biennial meeting among the group members. This group is also sub divided into 4 sub group. They are the west Asian sub region, the south east Asian and Australian sub region, the east African sub region, the South Asian sub region.  Oman , Iran, UAE and Saudi Arabia are the member countries of the South Asian sub region.   Thailand, Timor Leste, Myanmar, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia are the member of the south East Asian and Australian sub region.  Kenya, Eretria, Tanzania, Mozambique, France, Mauritius and South Africa are the members countries of the East African sub region. India, Seychelles, Srilanka, Pakistan , Maldives, and Bangladesh are the member countries of The South Asian sub region. The Symposium acts as a forum to strengthen maritime security co-operation.

The meet

During this four day visit, the navy chief Karambir Singh will discuss with the Myanmar counterpart to strengthen the relation between these two countries. He will also meet with the trainees of the National Defense College in Nay Pyi Taw of Myanmar . He will also come across the training command of Myanmar Navy. As per the information unveiled, he Is to discuss about the Sittwe Port with the Myanmar Counterpart.

Sittwe Port

This port along with the Kaladan Multi Mondal Transit Project is the alternate way to access the north east India . Through the mainland, north east India gets connected with the rest of India through Siliguri corridor only. That’s’ why securing of these ports is very important from India’s point of view. The Sittwe port was constructed by India in Myanmar in 2016 . This is a deep water port and as per the information provided , it is very obvious that India will secure this port. This is also the reason for strengthening the maritime relation with Myanmar from India’s Point of view.

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