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India - Norway summit on climate change convention, COP-13 to be held in Gujrat

India - Norway summit on climate change convention, COP-13 to be held in Gujrat

India-Norway climate summit
On February 16,2020,at the CMS COP 13, the convention on the conservation of Migratory Species Conference of Parties -13,was marked by India. The convention is to be held in Gandhinagar,Gujrat between February 17,2020 and February 22,2020 .


On the side lines of the COP, the union Minister met a delegation led by Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Mr. Sveinung Rotevan. India and Norway today agreed to jointly tackle corners related to oceans,environment and climate matters.
The countries decided to work towards mitigating marine plastic pollution. This is to be done on the lines of Kigali Amendment of Montreal Protocol and MoU signed between India and Norway.

Kigali Amendment

In October 2016,the Montreal Protocol was signed by more than 170 countries in order to protect Ozone layer and climate. The Kigali Amendment to the protocol aims to phase down the Hydro fluorocarbons. 

India and Norway Joint statement on climate and Environment

India shall be designated as the presidency during the inter sessional period following the meeting. The COP presidency is tasked to provide political leadership and facilitate positive outcomes that further advance the objectives of the convention, including steering efforts towards implementing the Resolution and Decisions adopted by the conference of Parties.
Migratory species of Wild animals move from one habitat to another during different times of the times of the year, due to various factors such as food, sunlight, temperature, climate etc. The movement between habitats, can sometimes exceed thousands of kilometers / miles for some migratory birds and mammals. A migratory route will typically have nesting sites, breeding sites, availability of preferred food and requires the availability of suitable habitat before and after each migration.
 India is home to several migratory species of wild life including snow leopard,Amur falcons ,bar headed Geese ,black necked cranes, marine turtles, dugongs,humpbacked whales etc.

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