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IFAD governing counil held in Rome

IFAD governing counil held in Rome:

43rs session of IFAD

  • 43rd session of governing Council of the IFAD was held in Rome from 11 to 12 February 2020.  It aims to address hunger and poverty in developing countries.

  •  The theme of this session is-" investing in sustainable food system to end hunger by 2030".

  •  It is an international financial institution and a specialized agency of United Nations that works to address poverty and hunger in rural areas of developing countries based in Rome, Italy.

  • It aims to empower the rural people to increase their food security, the nutrition of their families and increase their incomes.

  • IFAD was established in 1974 at the World Food Conference.

  • The full form of IFAD is -  International Fund for Agricultural Development.

  • President of IFAD  is  "Gilbert Houngbo".

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