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3rd global road safety conference 2020 attended by Nitin Gadkari

3rd global road safety conference 2020 attended by Nitin Gadkari

3rd global conference on road safety
The 3rd global conference on road safety is to be  held in Stockholm of Sweden on 19th  and 20th February, 2020. The last edition of  this conference was held in 2015 in Brasilia , Brazil. The union minister of  Road Transport and Highways , Nitin Gadkari was India’s representative to this conference.

Look Back 

The second edition of conference on road safety was held in Brazil . That conference was also attended by Sri Nitin Gadkari in 2015 also . On that conference  Nitin Gadkari signed Brasilia declaration  on behalf of government of India.

3rd conference

This conference was held in association with World Health Organization ( WHO) and world Bank . The aim of this year’s conference was to achieve  global goals of reducing road crushes by 2030. This conference shows the ways to achieve the global goal for the upcoming decade. It will revamp the commitment made earlier by the participating countries. The achievement of 2nd global conference was also discussed there and more planning has come up after self analysis.  According to the UN data, more than 13 Lakh people die globally every year due to road accidents and more than fifty lakh people get injured even at the present scenario . Reducing of this number of death and injuries is the main aim of this conference.

History behind

The United Nations decade of action for road safety was first planned in march 2010. The target was also created for the decade 2011 -2020. The plan focused mainly to encourage and develop adoption of road safety such as seat belt wearing, helmet wearing, speed control, drinking and drive. The plan also included to widely use crash avoidance technologies such as anti breaking system and electronic stability control and also for the improvement of road safety for pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists.

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