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ISRO planned to send Robot to sapce

  • ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organization)  has planned to send a robot to the space . The 
Robot was named as " Vymo Mitra" which means Friend in the sky. It wiil be send as an experimental mission to Gangayaan. 
  •  This Robot was introduced in a seminar held at Bengaluru. The seminar was titled as " Human space flight and Exploration - present Challenges and Future Trends" .
  • Robot will be send to space in December 2020 and in June 2021.
  • The Robot is bilingual . It can speak English and Hindi .
  • It has the capability to Imitate human activities.
  • It has been designed to intimate air pressure change warning.
  • Gangayaan mission was first introduced in 2004by ISRO.
  • The astronauts were trained in Russia for this mission. 
  • The space craft will be launched using GSLV - MK III.
  • The food for the astronauts is being developed by the "Defence Research Laboratory."


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