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27.01.2020 Current affairs

IImportant Curent afairs of 27.01.2020

1.       the annual event Bharat Park has been inaugurated at Red Fort in Delhi in 2020 by-
a)      Prahlad Singh Patel
b)      Rajesh Kumar Chaturvedi
c)        Narendra Modi
d)      Jair Bolsonaro
2.       the new meat eating spacies of Dinosaurs  “ Allosaurus Jimadseni” was recently unveiled at-
a)      Canada
b)      Utah
c)        Alaska
d)      Greenland
3.      MOU on bio Energy Corporation has been signed this January between India and which of the following countries-
a)      China
b)      Lebanon
c)        Belarus
d)       Brazil
4.       who has been awarded with police medal for gallantry award ?
a)      Ambika Nath Mishra
b)      Bharat Singh Meena
c)       Jagbir Singh Rana
d)      yugal Kishor Joshi
5.       the diplomat Joao vale De alameida who has been appointed as the head of EU diplomatic mission to the UK belongs to which country ?
a)      Germany
b)       France
c)       Italy
d)      Portugal
6.       International customs day has been observed on-
a)      12th January
b)      24th January
c)       25th janauary
d)      26th January
7.       India's first super Fab Lab was inaugurated in-
a)      Maharashtra
b)       Gujarat
c)        Delhi
d)      Kerala
8.       Gonga-Volga dialogue recently was held between India and which of the following countries ?
a)      Brazil
b)       Russia
c)       China
d)      Myanmar
9.       what is the name of the award recently presented by the President of India to the children ?
a)      Shakti Puraskar
b)       Bal Shakti Puraskar
c)       Bal Puraskar
d)      Janani Puraskar
10.   World holocaust forum was recently Convent in which city-
a)      Jerusalem  
b)      Paris
c)       Berlin
d)       Moscow

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