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Daily current affairs 18.01.2020


  • Asia's largest civil aviation event on Industries was held in  - Bengaluru
  • The civil aviation event is to be held in march 2020 in which airport --  Begumpet airport, Hyderabad
  • The questions which are asked to the residents at the time of census , is decided by    -  Ministry of home affairs
  • The census 2021 is to be conducted by    -   Mobile phone application
  • India changed its national TB control program to   - " National tuberculosis Elimination program."
  • 'SMBHAV' -    a mega summit was organized by        -  Amazon
  • India will get s-400 air defense missile form   -    Russia
  • NIC made 'Block chain '  technology will be inaugurated in -   Bengaluru
  • The out break of which new strained virus alerted international terminals of  mumbai , delhi and kolkata ?     -    Corona virus
  • Who has been recently conferred with Saraswati samman award  -   Vasdev mohi
  • Who has been appointed as the Director of national book trust ?   -  Yuvraj malik
  • The theme of "The civil aviation "event will be         --" Flying for all "
  • For the first time in history , census will collect datea of transgenders headed houses
  • For first time the census will inquire about     -   ' main cereal ' 
  • The e-commerce giant Amazon has planned to invest 1 billion USA in India and expecting to create one million jobs India . 
  • The foreign ministerial  meet of Russia , India and China is ti be held in march 2020.
  • ' Block chain ' technology will be inaugurated  by Ravisankar prasad.

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