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current affairs of 16th january 2020

Current affairs of 16.01.2020

  • ICC , player of the year 2019 is - Rohit Sharma
  • 'Spirit of the cricket' award is won by - virat Kohli 
  • The first women officer to lead the parade in the 'Army day ' - is  Tania Sher Gill
  • Tania Sher Gill led - All men contingent at the parade.
  • Who was the first women officer to lead an all men contingent ? - Bhavna kasturi , during republic day celebration in 2019
  • Which country has the world's strongest passport? - Japan
  •  The term "storong passport" means " - The number of country can be visited without having prior VISA.
  • Japanese passport holder can visit 191 countries without any prior VISA .
  • In ' Raisina Dialogue 2020 " the foreign Minister's from 13 countries attended the ceremony
  • Russia support India for the later's entry in the UNSC ( United Nations security council).

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