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Under water Nuclear capable missile successfully test fired by India

K-4 misiile 
19th January was a day of success for Indian navy. On this day  Indian navy was successful on making a 3500 k.m ranged  K4 type nuclear capable  missile to deploy from the East Coast of Andhra Pradesh from underwater pontoon. This missile was designed to enhance the power of Arihant Class Submarines. 
Arihant is the first indigenously manufactured nuclear submarine of India.

Whats' new?

|India already have same type of missile namely K-15 and other K series missiles and they are named after the former president of India, A.P.J Abdul Kalam . The K-15 missile has a range of 750 kilometer where as the new K4 missile bears the range of 3500 K.M.  

History behind-

India already operates Submarine launched ballistic missile K-15 , k-5 and K-6 and use Indian regional navigation satellite system (IRNSS). Among these k-5 and K-6 were developed by DRDO. 

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