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Current affairs of 31st January 2020


  joint military exercise between India and Bangladesh called Sampriti will be held at-
a)      West Bengal
b)       Assam
c)       Meghalaya
d)       Manipur
2.       According to the UNDP which is the best performing states of India in terms of achieving sustainable development goals?
a)      Hyderabad
b)      Telangana
c)       Andhra Pradesh
d)      Karnataka
3.       recently Surajkund International craft fair has been organised by which state government?
a)      Delhi
b)       Haryana
c)       Punjab
d)      Rajasthan
4.       in which state Assam Rifles constructed war Memorial for certified lives against insurgency in the North Eastern states ?
a)      Assam
b)       Manipur
c)       Nagaland
d)      Mizoram
5.       world sustainable development Summit 2020 has been held in which city ?
a)      Gurgaon
b)      Noida
c)       Delhi
d)      Bangalore
6.       who among the following star campaigners has been prohibited to take part in Delhi assembly election campaigns ?
a)      Anurag Kashyap
b)       Anurag Basu
c)        Anurag Thakur
d)       nasiruddin Shah
7.       the world's largest meditation Centre was inaugurated in which state of India ?
a)      Andhra Pradesh
b)      Telangana
c)        Haryana
d)      Uttarakhand
8.       who has become the first Indian professional woman footballer in the world?
a)      Bala Devi
b)      Ashalata Devi
c)        sasmita Malik
d)      bembem Devi
9.       which country creates Guinness World Record for highest altitude fashion show event ?
a)      Bhutan
b)       Nepal
c)       Tibet
d)      China
10.   who has been honoured with the honorary doctor of letters by Calcutta University in 2020?
a)      Sonali Chakraborty
b)      Najma heptulla
c)        Abhijeet Vinayak Bandopadhyay 
d)        j v narlikar

Question of the day
  The name of the operations taken by Indian Navy to provide assistance to the cyclone affected people of Madagascar –
a)      assistance
b)     Vanilla
c)      Anticyclonic
d)     Beat Diane

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