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26.01.2020 Current affairs

Current affairs of 26.01.2020:

  •    The national voters day has been observed on -      25th January
  •           The 13th Jaipur Literature Festival was held at- Diggi Palace 
  •         Mahakavi Kanhaiyalal Sethia award for poetry is given from which state ? - Rajasthan
  • .       Recently world archery lifted Ban from which country ? - India
  •         who is the chief guest of Republic Day celebration in 2020 ?
  • who assumed the chairmanship of FEMBOSA ? Sunil Arora
  •   where will the first war Memorial for animals be setup ?  -  Meerut.       which of the following state/UT was proposed to declare the sixth schedule area status ? - Ladakh
  • India recently handover the consignment of measles and rubella vaccine to which country ?-   Maldives 
  • which state has recently made reading of Preamble to constitution as a mandatory readingpractice in schools ? - Madhyapradesh. 

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