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Current affairs of 24th january 2020

Important Current affairs of 24.01.2020 

  •  which country ranked first at democracy index for the year 2019 released by EIF? - Norway  
  •  To commemorate Netaji's birth anniversary, a new Temple in the name of Netaji was
    Priya Prakash 
    inaugurated at- Varanasi
  • What is the theme of 10th meeting of FEMBOSA held in 2020 ? -   strengthening institutional capacity 
  •     Which state has decided to decentralize  the power of the government by dividing the states in various zones ? Andhrapradesh
  •      who is the present MD of SBI ? - Challa Srinavasulu shetty
  •      who has won The Global Citizen award 2020? - Priya Prakash
  •   which state has recently banned 15 years old Auto ? - Punjab
  •     which country was inspired by and adopted India's Ujjwala scheme for its citizen ? - Ghana  
  •       world economic forum 2020 was held in which city ? - Davos
  •   which is the most polluted city in India according to Greenpeace India’s recent report ?- Jharia

          To watch it on youtube clieck here

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